Suzanne O’ Connell

At her core, Suzanne is a host. She loves bringing people together, curating unique moments of commensality (eating and drinking together at the same table) to create and cement relationships.

Suzanne does this in her work as a public space designer. For the last 8 years she has worked as part of the collaborative design team The Decorators. With backgrounds in landscape architecture, interior architecture and psychology, the Decorators deliver spatial design projects that reconnect the physical elements of a place with its social dimension. They design and test possible infrastructures for communal life, creating programmes and physical elements for a space that turns the individual into a collective. Many of their projects explore rituals of commensality.

Paul Reynolds

Paul’s mission in life is to die with a smile. He hopes to acheive this through deep connection to his body and loves to move, to shake and to dance. Paul recently trained as a life coach and is fascinated by the importance of the body in understanding who we are, what we want and how we get it. This is in addition to his other work as a Partner in an employee-owned renewable energy consultancy.

Movement practitioners

23rd Jan - Jeanette Loram

Jeannette Loram is a movement teacher and biologist who wants to encourage movement into the everyday.

From a young age Jeannette enjoyed sport and movement and was a competitive swimmer, a runner and triathlete. She attempted to balance these intense activities with a yoga practice but, after experiencing some injuries and health issues, began to question prevailing attitudes surrounding exercise and health and in her research discovered the life-changing work of biomechanist Katy Bowman in 2010. 

In 2012 Jeannette qualified with Katy Bowman as a Nutritious Movement®-certified Restorative Exercise Specialist.  Jeannette has continued her education with advanced Nutritious Movement™ courses, The Inner Yoga Trust in the UK and other leaders in the field of human movement.

Jeannette is now based in the West Coast of Scotland and teaches classes and workshops across the UK and Ireland. She recently founded movemoreuk which hopes to provide information and education on moving more in the UK as well as connect people to the initiatives going on around the country. Jeannette continues to use her skills as a biologist, developing some online courses on molecular & cell science to help movement professionals understand the role movement plays in cellular health: topics will include ageing, metabolism and disease.

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3rd March - David Mooney

'I never thought of myself as a dancer or that I would ever become a dancer! I didn't see how dance could have any impact on my life beyond a way to let loose at clubs and parties. In 2002 I unexpectedly found my way onto a 5 Rhythms dance floor in Dublin.  I was really surprised by how engaging and enjoyable it was. Soon after I embarked on a long term deep apprenticeship with Ya'Acov and Susannah Darling Khan and the School of Movement Medicine. This began, what has been, a deeply fascinating and life changing relationship with this dance practice over the past 12 years. I have been teaching an embodiment conscious dance practice for the past 8 years and started teaching Movement Medicine in 2011. For the past 5 years I have been teaching as part of the European Faculty of the School of Movement Medicine.  I teach in Ireland and throughout Europe.

I'm also a fully qualified and practicing Psychotherapist, and integrate these skills and my passion for shamanic pathways into my work. 

I teach this dance because I love this practice, it has thoroughly changed my life and I love to share this work. I see it as a contemporary map to explore how to be present and engaged in life in these times we live in. I am fascinated by our capacity as human beings to heal and how we can transform our wounds into medicine  for growth and deepening self acceptance so we can be more fully ourselves and give all that we have to give in this lifetime for the benefit of all life.

I am also founder of Funky Seomra alcohol and drug free nightclub, which has had over 36,000 people attending over the past 6 years and much TV, radio and print media coverage.

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Food and venue

The Fumbally Cafe & Stables

The Fumbally Stables is a food and community space in Dublin 8. Born from the Fumbally Cafe, they host workshops, events, weekly classes, and hire out the spaces for cultural and educational use. The food at the Fumbally is the food they want to eat every day – fresh, healthy, simple and inspiring. Their ingredients and influences vary but they will always buy local and organic where they can and are lucky to have an amazing bunch of suppliers and producers to work with. Ethical and sustainable sourcing of food is something they feel strongly about.